Thursday, December 11, 2008

Refactoring and TDD Training Course

I'm offering a completely new style of training course on refactoring, TDD and just programming better. It is pair programming with me (or others depending on demand).

It'll be similar cost per person per day to other courses, but instead of a classroom, it's one-to-one instruction at your site. It's also working on your code base, improving it during the course (possibly adding features too). Attendees will retain more learning that is directly applicable compared to more regular classroom courses. They will learn things from this course in addition to refactoring and TDD, like better use of the IDE, frequent commits, retro-fitting unit tests to their actual code base rather than just in the abstract.

See my "programming in the small" and "programming in the large" articles to get an idea of the sort of programming things that the course will include. (My PhD was in refactoring (completed 1996), I started using JUnit in 1998 and mock objects in 1999). Email me to book a course (and discuss course length - anything from one day upwards) - ivan at

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