Sunday, January 4, 2009

Charity Day

I am doing a charity bike ride in June to raise money for the National Autistic Society (NAS). One of my sons is autistic and the NAS have been very helpful. I did a London to Paris bike ride for NAS in 2007.

Please donate!

Time is money

For the 2007 bike ride I paid the costs myself so all money donated went to the NAS. For the 2009 bike ride I'd like to do something equivalent but slightly different. I'm offering a day of my time for a donation that more than covers the costs. (The alternative is that I pay using roughly a day of my usual billing - but I'd like a generous charity minded company to donate more than that).

That day could be:
  • Refactoring and TDD Training
  • continuous integration - e.g. installing an automated CI system (e.g. TeamCity, build-o-matic or whatever)
  • Agile consulting (I've been doing "Agile" a long time - papers at XP2000, XP2001, XP2002, OOPSLA, TOOLS. Presentations at XPDay, SPA, ACCU etc)
  • other stuff (dunno - email me and we can discuss)
and there is more:
  • publicity - I'll write a short blog article - anything from just the name of the company and the donation up to an article about what I did for you (you can review/edit before publication)
  • "small print" - I'm based in London, England. Anything outside of London might require you to pay expenses too.
  • "more small print" - If I get multiple offers then I'll choose whichever I prefer.
To discuss this, or for more details, please email ivan at

If you aren't in the market for a day of my time then please make a donation of any amount you'd like!

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Paul Simmons said...

I'd be happy to help Ivan as a glamourous assistant for a day of my time too.

-- PaulS

Ivan Moore said...

Hi Paul, that's very generous of you! Many thanks, Ivan