Sunday, March 8, 2009

Save Bletchley Park - the birthplace of computing!

You've heard of Alan Turing? Turing award? Turing test?

How about the Enigma machines and encryption/decryption?

What about the first computers?

What's the connection between these three?

Bletchley Park. It's a great place and historically very significant - but underfunded and in need of maintenance otherwise it'll be lost forever. Please help save Bletchley Park for future generations. Help support it by visiting - it's a great day out.

If you are an Agile coach - go to the Agile Coaches Gathering which is being held at Bletchley Park.

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Alastair Revell said...

Bletchely Park is certainly an important place, especially to IT professionals as the birthplace of modern computing.

Alastair RevellManaging Consultant
Revell Research Systems