Monday, January 24, 2011

Do what works for you

I've received literally no emails complaining that my "do the right thing" methodology is too prescriptive, so I've come up with a new methodology called "do what works for you" which I hope will work for those people who find the "do the right thing" methodology too prescriptive.

What you do in this methodology is whatever works for you.

Copyright © 2011 Ivan Moore

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OlofB said...

Hi Ivan!

Not sure I'm reaching you here - have tried to find you email on the whole of the internets! :)

I attended a SC open space conference winter or spring 2009 in London. There I learned about the idea of PITS (Programming In The Small) from you, I believe. Can you contact me? I'm writing a short text on the subject and want to give credit. I'm on twitter, username olofb.